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Toroidal inductors are often used in passive filter and equalizer circuits.For appreciable relative permeability’s and moderate circuit selectivity’s, stray magnetic fields are sparse. Coils can be adjusted to desired inductance by spreading or squeezing the turns of the magnet wire winding. The design of Toroidal inductors entails tradeoffs between cost and factors such as desired inductance value, physical size, unloaded Q, power handling, adjustability, fragility, and operating temperatures. For small signal levels, small physical size, and reasonable unloaded Q, Micrometals powdered iron toroids with outer diameters of 0.25 in. and 0.375 in. are commonly used.
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RF transformers are widely used in low-power electronic circuits for impedance matching to achieve maximum power transfer, for voltage step-up or step-down, and for isolating DC from two circuits while maintaining AC continuity. They are also used for common mode rejection and as baluns. Essentially, a RF transformer consists of two windings linked by a mutual magnetic field. When one Winding, the primary has an AC voltage applied to it, a varying flux is developed; the amplitude of the Flux is dependent on the applied voltage and number of turns in the winding. Mutual flux linked to the secondary winding induces a voltage whose amplitude depends on the number of turns in the secondary winding. By designing the number of turns in the primary and secondary windings, any desired step-up or step-down voltage ratio can be realized. Mutual coupling is accomplished simply with an air core but considerably more effective flux linkage is obtained with the use of a core of iron or ferromagnetic material with higher permeability than air.
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Aircoil Inductor are electric device consisting of one or more turns of wire and typically having two terminals. An inductor is usually connected into a circuit in order to raise the inductance to a desired value. Since inductance is a property that varies with frequency, inductors range from a single loop in a length of wire
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RF chokes have high Q levels and high-frequency performance characteristics despite their size. This makes them ideal for high-density applications like telecom, computers and computer peripherals, and electromagnetic-interference (EMI) filters. They also suit VCRs, DVD players, set-top boxes, auto navigation systems, game consoles, and other consumer electronics.
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Jumper is a mechanical switch that is easily modified by hand. Essentially, it's a circuit that has been broken intentionally and a pin placed on each end of the broken connection. Placing a jumper across two pins connects them electrically, completing the circuit; removing a jumper from a set of pins breaks the circuit. Hardware engineers allow users to configure devices or change their operation by creating different sets of pins that implement different functions depending on how the jumpers are set. When power is applied to the device it detects which circuits have been closed or opened.
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